Welcome to the Human Factors and Simulation Laboratory!

"The overarching goal is to better understand human cognitive processes and/or system processes in order to inform the design of complex human-integrated systems. The keywords we use are human factors, simulation, human-integrated systems engineering, and data analytics. Some of our main strengths are in (1) developing eye tracking analysis algorithms to investigate visual scanning behaviors, (2) conducting usability tests to evalute existing and new interfaces, (3) investigate human decision making processes by developing information processing models, and (4) developing simulation models to solve issues related to complex system processes. We go in-depth to pursue knowledge in human factors (cognitive processes aligned with visual perception, workload, signal dection theory, etc.), simulation (discrete and continous), statistical methods (parametric and non-parametric methods), and data analytics (pattern identification and classification, data visualization). Human factors, simulation, statistical methods, and data analytics do not stand alone, but are interwined to support the analysis of human-integrated complex systems." - Ziho Kang