Awards and activities

Samples of awards in chronological order

  • OU Research and Creative Activity Awards Banquet: Recognition for research achievements (2022). - Ziho Kang

  • International Conference on Education and Training Techonologies: Excellent Presentation Award (2019). - Ziho Kang

  • ISE Advisory Board Scholarship (2018). - Ricardo Fraga

  • Director's Graduate Scholarship (2018). - Uchenna Kelvin Egwu (right) and Amin Alhashim (left)

  • Graduate Poster Competition Award (first place) (2018). Topic: Visualizing eye movement data in dynamic target tracking tasks - Saptarshi Mandal

  • Best M.S. Thesis Award (2017-2018). Topic: Analysis of the relationships between visual scanning patterns and text comprehension levels in healthcare - Lucas Mosoni

  • Best Student Poster Award, Fedreal Aviaion Administration Center of Excellence Q2 SOAR Meeting, Philadelphia, PA. (2018) - Ricardo Fraga

  • Invited Talk at the IEEE BioSmart Conference, Paris, France (2017). Topic: Wearable technology and data visualization - Ziho Kang

  • Best Presentation Award at the IEEE BioSmart Conference, Paris, France (2017). Title: Wearable Technologies - Real time eye movement analysis framework - Ziho Kang

  • Andrew P. Sage IEEE Best Transactions Paper Award (2016). Title: An eye movement analysis algorithm for a multi-element target tracking task - Maximum transition-based agglomerative hierarchical clustering - Ziho Kang and Steven Landry (Purdue U.)
    Link to the Extended Abstract published in IEEE Magazine: Download Extended Abstract
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  • Best M.S. Thesis Award (2016-2017). Title: Analyzing eye tracking data in a multi element moving target tracking scenario: a directed weighted network - Saptarshi Mandal

  • Outstanding Senior Award (2016): Lauren Yeagle

  • George T Gibson Industrial Enginieering Scholarship (2016) - Lauren Yeagle

  • Lindsey F Harkness Endowed Scholarship (2016) - Mattlyn Dragoo

  • Best Student Paper Award, Aerospace Technical Group, Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (2015) - Saptarshi Mandal

Samples of activities in chronological order

  • NSF CAREER research collaboration (Biomedical Eng. at Drexel) and broader impacts activities (2022)

  • Virtual reality tower control research kickoff at FAA CAMI (2018):

  • Capstone project kickoff at FAA (2018): Using HoloLens for training

  • Simulation class (2017): Field trip to Starbucks for observation and process analysis

  • Graduate poster competition (2017): Usability evaluation of mobile weather alert applications - Adbulrahman Khamaj
    Link to poster: Download pdf file

  • Graduate poster competition (2017): Visualizing eye movement data in dynamic target tracking tasks - Saptarshi Mandal
    Link to poster: Download pdf file